Resource Dark Pools


Transform has access to a small number of resource 'dark pools'.  These are exclusively locations where high quality, low exposure candidates can be sourced that are away from the usual job boards and web services.

The pools consist of candidates in our own database, candidates that we have curated in our wider network and candidates from non-public sources such as outplacement firms.

Our Silver Edge Promise


 We are a proud signatory to the American Association of Retired Persons Employer Pledge Program (“AARP Pledge”).   We:

  • Believe in equal opportunity for all workers
  • Believe that 50+ workers should have a level playing field in their ability to compete and obtain jobs
  • Recognize the value of experienced workers
  • Recruit across diverse age groups and consider all applicants on an equal basis



We hold a number of key certifications, affiliations and memberships that we believe bring value to our clients

  • Prince2 Project Management Standard
  • Chartered Institute of Securities
  • American Association of Retired Persons
  • Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering
  • Certified Small Business Enterprise
  • US Federal Government Supplier



Carbon Neutral

We are proud to be certified carbon-neutral by carbonfund.org.

We support the Paris Climate Change Accord as part of our wider sustainability policy.  As a small business in the US, we believe that meeting the Accord guidelines is neither complex nor expensive. 

How Did We Do It?

First, we reduced our carbon-footprint as much as possible:

  • smart thermostats in our office
  • enhanced air-flow management
  • minimized floor space usage
  • managed vehicle mileage carefully
  • keep our vehicles well maintained
  • use video and voice to replace face-to-face client meetings reducing land and air travel

Then we offset the remaining carbon-dioxide production necessary for business through carbonfund.org against a basket of programs:

  • reforestation - especially fast-growing soft woods in northern latitudes
  • energy efficient technologies
  • renewable energy sources

Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking


We're in the people business and so while we consider the risk low we have a policy and procedures for ensuring that we do not knowingly or inadvertently support modern slavery or human trafficking in our business, supply chain or sales chain.

Our Story


 We opened in 2015 as a boutique consulting firm but as we grew and we began supporting our clients with larger teams we realized that we have unique strengths in our highly people-centric approach to staffing.  

Founders Mark and Jody have each worked in their respective consulting, IT and financial services industries for 25+ years and this has driven our approach to grow by hiring only A grade talent into our own business with 10+ years of industry experience.  We don’t have any green-horn 20-something Recruiters, Client Account Managers or People Happiness Team members on our staff.  Our values are critical to our business direction. Our founders have extensive global experience and as we grow, we adhere to these core values

  • We don’t work with tobacco or armaments firms
  • We are Senior friendly
  • We are a Small business
  • We offer maximum flexibility to our candidates and clients