Current Roles

Benefits of Contracting

Joining the 'gig' economy does not mean you have to be driving a taxi all night, delivering food or scouring those freelancer websites with their low income opportunities and low likelihood of winning work.  Transform works with great employers (most are well known brand names) to secure high quality flexible talent and this means some key advantages for our contractors:

  • income is paid gross with no tax deductions - contractors are responsible for these
  • expenses and tax deductions mean you might earn considerably more than as an employee
  • results focused work is what our clients want, giving you the chance to perform
  • corporate politics are dramatically reduced
  • control over your career, work and lifestyle
  • choice and flexibility over the contracts you choose to take or pass on
  • variety and stimulation of work and environments as you move between projects
  • time control and the ease of taking big gaps for travel, family or any other reason with no boss to ask
  • total relationship and pay transparency - no hidden agendas, no weird bonus calculations
  • fixed term work has a clearly defined end date giving you an 'out'
  • contract renewals are common and can turn 6 months into 2 years of work if you want it
  • contract to hire at senior levels is common as few firms want to take the risk of hiring senior people straight into their workforce

Transform Grading is our own unique, patent pending, selection system.  Its going to feel more rigorous than the for the usual contract agency because we’re not the usual contract agency.  So, while it’s a little harder to get in to one of our roles – it’s what our employers expect – you’re going to love us a little bit more once you’ve made it!

We are big believers in extending the 'gig-economy' concept away and upwards from delivering packages and driving taxis to bring experienced, senior people into the workforce in as flexible a manner as possible.  This means that we’ve decided not to run a payroll and so we won’t be asking you to go ‘W2’ with us.  Instead, you’ll work as a true freelancer ideally with your own LLC/LLP/corporation responsible for making all your own decisions about how you use your money and pay your taxes.  

Yet, unlike those ‘freelancing’ websites, our contracts all last for 3 months or longer and the vast majority offer full-time i.e. 40 hours per week of well paid, skilled, professional work.  Once you join us and become a Transform contractor while you're out on client site (or sometimes remote or with a combination) we’ll allocate a dedicated People Happiness Team Member.  This person will become your best friend – especially at the start of a contract – helping you through the many small yet important issues and challenges that come up along the road to getting your settled and productive.

At the end of each week you’ll need to complete time-sheets and we have an easy to use solution for that which integrates with billing and with the employer so you key your time once and get one approval.  And best of all we will be rolling out a self-billing solution that will create invoices for you driven from your time-sheets and electronically submit them to us for payment in the normal business cycle.

We also have two superb schemes for earning by introducing us to prospective clients or great candidates in your network.  Both are very generous because we know that personal network and direct relationships lead to much better win-win situations than cold calls and marketing.  Ask about both!