Permanent Search & Selection

Our candidates - your future leaders, innovators and transformers.

Using our extensive network and searching candidate ‘dark-pools’ we bring you the senior talent of today, leaders of tomorrow.

We bring 40 years of combined experience in financial services, consulting and IT to help your business.

Our experience has taught us the characteristics and skills that it takes to drive success at a senior level for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Mapping organizational culture and objectives, we make matches that matter.

We are agile to market shifts, attuned to customer need, and entrenched in senior financial, technology and consulting circles. 

What is retained "search recruitment"?

  • Retained search is about finding your next generation of leaders
  • Variously referred to as “headhunting”, “search and selection”, “executive search”      or “retained search”
  • The principle is the same – we recruit senior-level talent that will drive your business from the top
  • We use specialist retained search consultants to go beyond the conventional      sourcing strategies of traditional recruitment in to “dark-pools” of talent and through our extensive personal, social media and other networks

We'll Partner with You

  • We get under the skin of your business to understand your needs, culture, and structure – delivering better, long-term fits
  • Our tailored recruitment plans fit around your timescales and objectives
  • We are proactive, value transparency, and will keep you updated every step of the      way

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Contract/Temporary Staffing

As is normal business practice Transform will sign a Master Staffing Agreement with you.  Ours is based on the American Staffing Association template and is written in plain English.  We can then begin to work on your Resource Requisitions (“Rec”) receiving them:

  • manually through email
  • placing them on our portal through your unique login
  • receiving them through your portal
  • API/technical integration into your Vendor Management System. 

Transform will allocate a dedicated Account Manager to support you.

Each Rec will be assigned to a dedicated Recruitment Manager who will own the entire recruitment of that Rec from market search to placement in your business.

Transform has developed Transform Grading - its own, patent pending, recruitment and selection process - based on the pioneering Top Grading work undertaken at General Electric in the 1980s.  Transform Grading delivers the benefits of GE’s system but at a faster pace and with a lighter touch.  For any given role that we’re recruiting into we use Transform Grading to segment potential candidates who we determine could do the role into ‘A’s – would consistently excel, ‘B’s – would occasionally excel and ‘C’s - would be competent.  We do this through a mix of intense interviewing and some testing in a process flow that integrates with our client's business model and recruiting process.  One of the exceptional benefits of Transform Grading is its ability to eliminate confirmation bias in the process and surface A Grade candidates irrespective of any factors except role suitability.

Once placed, each candidate will be allocated a dedicated manager from our unique People Happiness Team. This innovative approach has several benefits for the employer:

  • Candidate issues of all types are first triaged by our People Happiness Team releasing your staff from this responsibility
  • Most issues are resolved quickly and quietly avoiding escalation back you and further reducing your staff’s workload and responsibility for managing third party ‘HR type’ issues
  • Our happy candidates tend to deliver better quality and quantity output when they know that the small (but important) niggles are being taken care of for them efficiently and effectively
  • Contractors who are happy stay longer

We have found that quickly addressing minor niggles in the first 4 weeks of a contract - the  Contractor Flight Danger Zone' - significantly helps a contractor become more productive earlier.  It also reduces the risk of ‘contractor flight’ where a contractor quits a week or two into a contract because niggles got under their skin and a competing offer was placed or remained on the table during their market search.

As you’d expect our middle and back office processes, tools and technology are industry leading, ensuring that we can deliver the best possible service to our employers and candidates.

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US Federal Government Compliant Capabilities Statement


Here are three recent cases where we're helped our clients by finding great talent allowing them to hit or exceed key business goals


Case Study 1


Ambitious Business Process Improvement Agenda Enabled by Exceptional Resources from Transform 

Our Client

Our Client is a business process outsourcing company headquartered in New York USA and operating in 25 countries with 11,000 staff.  Our ISO9000 certified Client provides project and operational based staff to its financial services and telecoms clients to operate and improve many of their middle and back office business processes.

End-user in this case (Client’s client) is a top tier global bank headquartered in New York USA with 220,000 staff operating in 180+ countries. The bank is a top 4 global custody supplier with extensive operations. 

Challenges & Goals

Our Client won a contract with the bank to eliminate some operational backlogs that had developed in its Custody Services billing area. The goals were to improve cash-flow, profitability and certain other accounting metrics.

Using Transform supplied resources in Tampa FL USA our Client was so successful that it won several follow-on contracts with the bank to re-engineer a number of the Custody billing processes throughout North America, Latin America and Europe. 

How Transform Helped

Transform initially supplied a senior Program Manager in Tampa to provide local governance for the engagement and to build a relationship with the bank.

Based on the outstanding success of this resource and our Clients’ offshore team further resources from Transform were engaged including:

  • Senior Project Manager
  • 2 Senior Business Analysts
  • 2 Business Analysts


Our outstanding resources helped our Client grow a small initial engagement of 1 on-shore and 9 off-shore for 6 months into a 2-year engagement peaking at 6 on-shore and 9 off-shore staff. Our Client enjoyed $2.5M revenues and 35% gross margins while the bank was able to collect over $12M in delinquent receivables, eliminate multiple backlogs, enhance its reputation with the OCC and deliver significant business process operational improvements in the Americas and European regions.  It was so successful that the bank went on to create a permanent internal change function for Custody billing. 

Future Plans

Strong relationships were built between Transform, our Client and the bank over 2 years and discussions are ongoing about future work for the bank. 

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To see how Transform can bring commercially aware, consulting experienced and highly technically competent flexible resources to your business click here. 


Case Study 2


Major Canadian Property & Casualty Insurer hires our Program Manager to lead a huge multi-year digital program 

Our Client

Our Client is one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurers with a 'to-die-for' book of corporate clients across the country.  It is part of one of the world’s largest insurance groups with operations in 100+ countries and Lloyds of London membership. 

Challenges & Goals

Transform provided a Program Manager in an extremely competitive marketplace to our Client. Our Client was struggling with a massive re-platforming project from old mainframe systems to the latest digital technology that would touch every part of the business from clients to claims. Making matters considerably more challenging was a Europe based vendor selected by our Client’s global IT Department that had no experience of the specifics of the Canadian market. 

How Transform Helped   

Transform’s Program Manager hit the ground running with his extensive property and casualty insurance and digital IT management background to quickly shape and restructure the   program.  Working closely with the European software vendor our Program Manager re-defined the deliverables, improved the quality of business requirements and drove delivery in smaller,   agile chunks of functionality.


Transform’s Program Manager delivered the first phase of the middle and back office digital new platform.  His focus on improving the detailed requirements and delivery in small, manageable work packets accelerated delivery and shortened the project lifecycle by 4 months.

The Insurer has been able to put one core product live in its front office and integrate some of the new middle and back office functionality enabling high business volumes and improved revenues and margins.

Future Plans  

Transform is discussing providing testing resources in Toronto Canada are under discussion to bolster the team and accelerate delivery through the testing phase

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Transform can locate and engage highly skilled, senior candidates in multiple global markets


Case Study 3


IT Consulting Firm relies on Transform resources in US, Canada and Mexico to Deliver for its banking client 

Our Client 

Our Client is a highly specialized boutique IT consulting firm headquartered in the UK with a New York US office.  The Client is quickly gaining a global reputation delivering major programs to migrate applications and servers from physical data-center to Cloud (AWS, Azure and Google) at enterprise size scale and at pace.

The End-User (Client’s client) is a Big 5 Canadian bank with global operations across multiple lines of business and a vast footprint of applications and servers operating from multiple data-centers. 

Challenges & Goals

Our client won an engagement with its banking client to build and transition to operations a ‘Migration Factory’ moving 800 applications, 3,500 servers from physical data-center to cloud over a 12-month period 

How Transform Helped

Our Client had never worked in Canada and our existing business footprint there helped us quickly identify and recruit top quality local talent to resource the program and supplement the offshore team from the UK.  Swiftly but thoroughly cycling through many hundreds of candidates Transform placed the top four local Canadians in the team.


Our Client was able to quickly build out its presence in a new market creating confidence with its client that it could mobilize at pace.  Transform’s senior resources have quickly taken the reigns of the program to drive its direction and pace positioning the UK team (with its geographic and visa issues) to provide SME guidance and methodological advice. 

Following a successful pilot phase, the full-scale program is being mobilized with a step-change in the resourcing required 

Future Plans

The next phase of the program is taking shape and Transform expects to be the major resource supplier to the program 

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This is typical of what we do working to exceptional standards to find the most capable Grade A senior candidates in the contract market.


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